Printink Studio strongly believes in implementing conscious sustainable methods in our daily business procedures. Holding true to our hearts is keeping the unique, artisanal and bespoke quality of ‘Hand Screen Printing’. Each piece of cloth printed in our Collingwood studio is designed, printed, touched, discussed and assembled by the same two pair of hands.

The inks we use, water consumption, textile base fabrics and manufacturing procedures are all very much carefully considered components to our business model. The hand screen printed processes we use are not depleting non-renewable resources, emitting huge quantities of greenhouses gases and using massive quantities of energy and water.

The inks we use are a locally Australian produced brand, Permaset Textile Inks. The inks are organic certified, water based and solvent free, being 85% bio-degradable and vegan. Meaning all our printing only use water to wash out the screens. The fabrics we use in our collection are all 100% natural fibres and organic where possible. We use local fabric manufacturers for some of our fabrics, such as our knitted organic cotton and the woven linen/cotton fabrics.

“Buy less. Choose well. Make it last” - Vivienne Westwood.

Printink Studio are big believers and supporters of Slow Fashion and all our products are ethically made and look at ways we can minimise wastage and the impact on the environment. Our lifestyle range of products are not mass produced and only printed and made in small batches.

When manufacturing is needed ‘out of house’ we us locally artisanal makers who are masters in their craftmanship. Helping produce the quality and adding to our unique point of difference. This working relationship with local makers helps us to have total control of our production as well as to contribute and support the local creative industry.

Choices we make today, in terms of what we buy and how we manufacturer and produce things play an important role in Printink Studio’s environmental conscious decisions.